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Stuffed Dachshund Finish

Long haired Miniature Dachshund. Trimming is important.
Stuffed Dachshund 


Stuff polyester fiberfill in the body.
The muzzle is hard, the trunk is rather soft.
Sew the opening with a thick thread.

Trimming of face

Cut the hair of the face.
Mark the point of eye.
Stitch the mouth line with an embroidery thread.
Cut the hairMouth

Attach the eyes.
The end of the thread is hidden by the ear.
Paint around of eyes and mouth with felt-tip pen.


Cut the hair of the legs.
Sew the paw with a thick thread (you may omit).

Brush the coat.
Dachshund finished

Pattern and instruction

Long hair Dachshund

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