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Japanese dog / Sewing

Japanese dog has short hair and simple form. It is easier to sew than Dachshund.
White dog

Sewing process

Sew the darts of the head (M-N).
Sew the dart

Sew up right and left body (B-C, A-M-L and K-J).
Unsew A-B, L-K and J-I.
Sew the back

Sew the legs to the belly (E-F and G-H).
Sew the belly to the body.

Turn inside out.
Body outside


Fold the tail and sew it.
Sew the tail to the hip (around J-I) with ladder stitch.
TailAttach the tail
Insert a wire in the tail.
If you want to put wires in the whole body, refer to leopard.


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