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Fennec / Stuff and finish

Fennec is slim fox. Don't stuff too much.
Stuffed fennec

Trimming and stuffing

Trim the hair of the face.
Embroider the mouth and the nose (I glued a piece of leather as the nose).
Sew the whiskers of nylon thread (you may omit).

You can do these after stuffing.
Make a skelton of wires.
Wire skelton

Put the skelton in the body and stuff fiberfill in it.
Body and wire

Close the back (F-T) with ladder stitch.
Close the back



Attach the eyes.
EyesEyes attached
Refer to the black leopard's eyes.

Sew the ears.
You may sew and glue a strip of white fur.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.

Attach the ears to the head with ladder stitch.
Draw lines on the muzzle.
Stitch earsFennec face

Color the end of the tail.
Black tip of tail

If you use longer fur for the tail, it may be more foxlike.
Long fur tail


Tools I use for coloring. Eye shadow, pastel, felt-tip pen for cloth.

Stuffed fennec fox

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