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Rabbit head making

I use white fur for the chin. You can use the same fur.
Rabbit plush

Sew and stuff

Sew the darts of the side head (B-C).
Sew the middle to the side (A-B-D).
Sew the chin to the front (E-A-E).
Head sewChin

Turn inside out.
Stitch the nose with a thick thread.

Stitch the opening around.
Stuff polyester fiberfill in the head.
Set a disc of plastic joint, and pull the thread.
StuffHead stuffed

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Sew the eyes.
Sew the whiskers (you may omit).

There are 3 types of ear patterns. Use which you like.

Sew the ears.
Sew up ear and inside ear around.
Then make a slit on the inside ear. Turn inside out.
Sew the slit with ladder stitch.
If you think it is difficult to turn inside out, unseam the bottom of the ear.
Ear sewRabbit ears

Sew the ears to the crown with ladder stitch.
Stitch an earFinish of the head

Pattern and instructions

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