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Arms of kimono doll

Use stretch fabric and thin cloth. Thin cloth prevents fabric stretches too much.
Girl doll in kimono


Draw the line of pattern on thin cloth like cotton lawn.
Put 2 sheets of stretch fabric in the 2 sheets of lawn.
Sew and cut out. Turn inside out.

Stitch the middle line of middle finger and ring finger.
Divide fingers

How to turn the fingers inside out quickly.

Insert a hard tube in a finger. I use a bamboo stick.
Push the top of the finger with a thin stick. I use a knitting needle.
How to turnHow to turn



Put some glue on a thin wire. Wrap it with cotton batting solidly.
This is core of a finger. Make 10.
Insert one in every finger.
Core of fingerCore

Stuff into the palm with polyester fiberfill.
Stuff into arm with fiberfill.
Wrap around 5 wires with fiberfill spirally, then push fiberfill with a thick stick.
And the wires will keep in the center of the arm.
How to stuff


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