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The head is separated from the neck. Make the chin hard and sharp.
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Cut the pieces with 0.5 centimeter allowance.

Sew up the front at the middle.
Sew the back except the opening.
Sew up around the face.
Turn inside out.

Stuff into the head with polyester fiberfill solidly.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.
Put glue on a 5cm wire and wrap it with a little cotton batting.
Then bend it. It's the nose bone.
Make lips with cotton and glue them on the face (details on Tall boy's lips).
Nose wire and stuffed baseNose and lips

Put glue both ends of it, and stick them into the face.
Glue a small strip of cotton on the chin to cheek line to conceal crinkle.

See also Kimono doll's head.


Sew "face skin" and "under skin" with stretch fabric.
Wrap the head with the under skin.
Stitch cloth to the base at the crown.
CoversStitched under skin

Wrap the head with the face skin.
Face skin

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