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Terry cat Making

You may embroider the eyes instead of buttons.
Terry cats of towel


Unsew the short side of a towel.
The part without piles becomes the inside ears.
Draw the patterns on a towel.
Cut out them with seam allowance (0.5 - 0.8 centimeters).


Sew the middle of the face (A-B). Sew the middle of the back (G-B).
Sew up the face line include ears (F-E-D-C-B-C-D-B-F).
Front ear is smaller a little than the back.
Sew the tail and turn inside out.
Fold a dart in half and sew the dart of groin.
DartsDartsClose-up photograph.

Sew the belly to the side of the body (K-L-M-N-O-P).
Sew the back (S-R-Q-P), putting the tail between the hips (Q-R).

Turn inside out.
Sew the roots of the ears (C-E).
Turned inside out

Stuff with polyester fiberfill softly.
You may stuff with plastic pellets in the paws.
Close the opening with a thick thread.


Embroider the nose, mouth and whiskers with thick thread.
You may use any colors.
Stitch the nose and mouth

I attached buttons for eyes.
If you embroider the eyes, sleeping eyes are easy.
Stitched eyes


Stitch the head to the neck.
Attach the head

It's easy, isn't it?
Cat of towel

Blue cat and yellow cat.
Condition of sewing or stuffing gives nuance to each cat.
Terry cats

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