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Japanese dog / Stuffing

If you don't use ready-made nose, embroider its nose.
White dog with round eyes


Stuff polyester fiberfill in the head and the body.
Close the opening (L-K) with ladder stitch.
Close the back

Stitch the toe (same as Dachshund's paw).


Stitch the mouse with a thick thread.
Attach the eyes and the nose.
Eyes and nose

Sew the ears and turn inside out. Close the opening.
Stitch the ears with ladder stitch.
EarsPut the ear

Color around the mouth with eye shadow. Paint small spots on the cheek with a felt-tip pen.
You can omit.

White Japanese dog

Pattern and instruction


This is an almond-eyed dog. I used felt under the eye.
Almond eyesEyesWhite dog

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