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Big girl doll making

Soft cloth doll. 80 centimeters in height.

Print patterns on A4 paper

Materials of the body


  1. Cut with 0.5 centimeter allowance.
  2. Sew up the middle of the front, back, throat.
    Sew around. Turn inside out.
  3. Stuff into the head with the polyester fiberfill through the opening of the neck.
  4. Cut applicator cotton.
  5. Open a hole on the face, and insert the applicator with glue.
  6. Put some glue on the cloth, and let it roll around the bamboo stick.
    This is the base of the neck.
  7. Insert the base into the head till the base cloth in.
  8. Stitch the head cloth to the base of the neck roughly.

Skin fabric

  1. It needs 2 type of cloth -- skin and under skin.
  2. Fold each cloth and sew the middle of back.
  3. The facial pattern contains a margin for a seam.
  4. Glue a little cotton on the seam of the mandible to conceal the crinkle.
  5. Wrap the head with the under skin cloth.
    Make the seam of the back head and the seam of the facial cloth go along.


  1. Draw lines of the eyes and mouth.
  2. Paint eyes with acrylic color.
  3. Draw mouth line.
  4. Rouge the cheeks.
    Paint eye shadow if you like.

    Variations of faces
  5. Stitch the skin cloth at neck and crown.
    The same way of the under skin cloth.

The case of using iron-on

  1. Print eyes pattern to the iron transfer paper.
  2. Place it on the face.
  3. Transfer with the iron.
  4. The look will be better when painting whites of eyes.
  5. Rouge the cheeks.


  1. Put two sheets of stretch fabric among two sheets of thin cloth.
  2. Draw pattern. You needn't care which is the left or right.
  3. Sew up.
  4. Cut out with margin.
  5. Turn inside out.

  6. Stuff cotton batting into the thumb.
    Roll the cotton around thin stick longer than thumb.
    Insert it in the thumb and pull out only the stick.
  7. Stuff polyester filling softly.


  1. Cut the cloth of base.
  2. Sew the dart of the breast.
  3. Sew the dart of the back.
  4. Sew the dart of buttock and cut off an extra margin for a seam.
  5. Sew up front and back.
  6. Slit under the thigh.
  7. Turn inside out.

  8. Stuff from the opening of the neck solidly.
  9. Don't stuff in the groin.
  10. Upper of the chest, dividing filling into either side so as to insert the neck easier.
  11. Stuff into the shoulder hard.
  12. If you fill it good, it sits stably.


  1. Draw the pattern to the double cloth.
  2. Sew both sides except knee and toe.
  3. Cut out with 0.5 centimeter margin.
  4. Open the margin for a seam of the toe and fit on seams.
  5. Put on the pattern of toe and draw line.
  6. Sew the toe and cut off extra margin.
  7. Turn inside out.
  8. Stuff with polyester fiberfill solidly and smooth.
  9. Stitch the opening of the knee with a thick thread.
  10. Fold the skin cloth, and draw the pattern of leg cover.
  11. It contains the margin.
  12. Sew 0.5 centimeters inside.
  13. Inside out.
  14. Cover the base of the leg.
    Fit the heel and fit seams of back.
  15. Stitch cover to base on the knee.

Put together

  1. Stitch knees.
  2. Insert the neck into the body.
  3. Stitch the neck to the body tightly.
  4. Fold the end of the opening of the arm and sew to close.
  5. Set the thumb side front, and stitch the arm to the shoulder.


  1. Cut wool in the length of the duple.
  2. Tie the center with the thread of the same color.
  3. Dividing each bunch into two respectively.
    A and B become one and a and b become another one.
    And gather the whole to one.
  4. Comb the bunch.

  5. Stitch hair to the crown with the thread which tie the bunch.
  6. Spread hair uniformly on the head.
  7. Cut the bangs if you want.
  8. Paste the hair on the head with much glue.
    The forelock stick only a root.
  9. Until glue dries, cover a handkerchief and tie.


  1. Cut cloth in 90 × 30 centimeters.
  2. Sew the cotton lace to the hem and fold the margin and stitch.
  3. Sew up in the ring.
  4. Make a waist three folds and stitch.
  5. Let through an elastic string.


  1. Cut the cloth 2 sheets. It contains margin.
  2. Sew the lace to the foot and stitch.
  3. Sew 0.5cm inside.
  4. Make a waist three folds and stitch.
  5. Let through elastic string.

One-piece dress

  1. Cut cloth with margin the opening of the back.
  2. Skirt takes 90 × 30cm.
  3. Frill of skirt is 180 × 8cm.
  4. Collar is about 3 × 17cm bias.
  5. Sew up front and back at the shoulders.
  6. Fold the opening of the back three. Not stitch yet.
  7. Hem the both side of lace.
  8. Make gathers on the lace.
  9. Sew the lace and collar cloth to the neckline.
  10. Roll neckline with collar cloth and stitch it at the inside. It seems to be a stand collar.

  11. Spread bodice, and sew the sleeve.
  12. Stitch lace to the cuffs.
  13. Fold the lace outside and stitch it.
  14. Sew the side line of the bodice and sleeve.
  15. Sew the skirt, but leave 8cm near the waist unseam.
  16. Sew the frill in a ring which is 2 yard in length, and hem it.
  17. Sew the lace in a ring as same as the frill.
  18. Put the lace on the frill, and gather up together.
  19. Sew the frill and lace to the skirt.
  20. Gather the skirt at the waist and sew it to the bodice.
  21. Stitch the overlapping of the back and sew snaps on.


  1. Cut 8 sheets of cloth as crown. 4 become lining.
  2. The brim is 70 × 10cm. Make it 2 folds.
  3. Sew up four sides of crowns.
  4. Put the lace on the brim, and gather together.
    The end is a natural curve, and cut off extra cloth.
  5. Sew the brim to the crown.
  6. Stitch 2 ribbons to both inside.
  7. Sew the lining to the crown.


  1. Cut the felt and thick paper.
  2. Margin is about 5 mm.
    No margin of inside and sole.

  3. Stitch the hem of instep.
  4. Sew the back of side.
  5. Sew a ribbon to the back.
  6. Make very small gathers on the toe.
  7. Glue the side to thick paper.
  8. Glue the inside sole to the sole so as to make thickness an average.
  9. Glue the sole of felt to bottom.


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