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Fennec / Sewing

There are lots of pieces. And the face is complex a little.
Fennec front

Process of sewing

Cut every part with 0.5 centimeter seam allowance.

Sew the head to the body at the neck (H-F).
Sew the face to the head (C-D).
Sew the feet to the body (J-K, N-O).
Body side

Sew the upper muzzle to the crown (B-B').
Sew the front (A-E).
Sew the crown to the head (F-B'-A-B-F).
CrownHead sew

Sew the inside legs to the belly (I-L, M-P).
Sew the back (G-F, T-S, R-Q). Unsew F-T. It is the opening.
Sew the belly to the body (Q-P-M-L-I-H-D-E-D ----- Q).
BellyBody sewed

Fold the tail and sew it.
Turn the tail and body inside out.
Attach the tail around S-R with ladder stitch.

Easy divide

The line of H to F is not indispensable.
Also you may make C-D simpler.
Head patternAnother face

Fennec foxFennec fox stuffed

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