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Vampire Hunter D doll

Mini doll of Vampire Hunter D. 14cm tall. Painted face and mohair hair.
Swordman in sable / Vampire Hunter D


Draw the outlines on the cloth.
I used stretch cotton lined with thin cotton for the head,
and black velveteen for the body and arms.
Sew and cut.
Sew and cut

Turn inside out.
Turned out

Stuff polyester fiberfill.
Stitch the openings.



Paint features with acrylic or felt-tip pen.
Any face is OK. Hidden mostly.
Tie a bunch of yarn with a thread at the middle.
Face and hair



Stitch the head to the neck.
Stitch arms to the body.
Wind a ribbon around the waist. It's a belt.
Put another ribbon on the shoulder. It's a saber holder.
Glue hair to the head.

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