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Inuyasha doll making

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This is the process of making Inuyasha doll.
Inuyasha doll   

You may refer to mine and make your Inu-Yasha doll in your way.
I don't proide patterns.
Nekomimi doll pattern may be used for Inuyasha's body, because it's the same size.


About making, refer to basic doll's head and face.
Head cloth
Turned out
Stuffed and nose


Wrap the head with 2 pieces of skin fabric.

Paint features with acrylic.
Inuyasha face


Trunk and limbs are stretch fabric lined with thin cloth.
The same as nekomimi doll's body.
Also refer to basic doll's legs to sew toes.
Parts of the body

Stuff them with polyester fiberfill and joint them.
Jointed body parts

Ears and hair

Sew up 2 triangle pieces of cloth --- white short furry fabric and pink felt.
Turn inside out.

Stitch ears to the crown.
Ears attached

Cut long fur cloth.

Roll the side lock and sew it.
Glue the hair to the head.
Attach the back hair
Hair completed

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