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Boy doll / Trousers

Making is not so different from human's pants. You need the knowledge of sewing.
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Inside cloth of pocket is thin.
Need a button and 2 pairs of snap fasteners (press stud).


The allowance of hem is 2.5cm, others are 0.5cm.
Cloth of waistband is about 35cm × 5cm (contains allowance).
Hem the main allowances with lock stitches or zigzag stitches.


Sew the front cloth and inside pocket.
Stitch the hem of pocket.
Sew up the side cloth and inside to be a pouch.
Sew pockets


Sew the front and make the fly.
Sew the back.
Front and hip

Sew the side and under the thigh.
Fold the hem of bottom and slip-stitch.
Sew the sides



Take tucks of waist and sew the band.
Stitch the inside of band.
Make a buttonhole and stitch a button.
Stitch snaps.
Band and button


Iron to make creases.


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