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Boy doll Shirt

This is made of flannel cotton which is recycled from my shirt.


Seam allowance is 0.5cm.
But hem of bottom is 2.5cm, and upper end of pocket is 1cm.


Fold and stitch on the pocket cloth and stitch up to the left breast.
Sew up the shoulders.
Sew up shoulders

Sew the reverse of collar to the neck of bodice.
Sew up the obverse and reverse collars.
Trim the allowance 0.3cm and turn inside out.
Fold the inside of bodice.
Stitch the obverse collar to the bodice.
Sew a collarStitch the collar inside



Sew the sleeves to the body.
Sew up the underline of sleeves and side of body.
Sew sleeves

Take tucks and stitch the seam allowance.
Attach the cuff.
End of sleevesThe left cuff


Stitch the edge of the collar.
Stitch the center of front and hem of bottom.
Make buttonholes on the front and the cuffs.
Attach buttons (0.8cm in diameter).

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