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Ragdoll Kitten Body Making

Stuff fiberfill in the opening of the belly.
Ragdoll kitten


Cut the parts with seam allowance.
Parts of the body


Sew the paw to the forefoot. (u-t, s-r)
Sew the inside feet to the belly. (l-m, n-o)
Sew the dart of the hind foot. (x-y)
Sew the hind foot to the body. (n-q-o)
Sew the forefoot to the body. (l-m)
Sew the body parts

Sew up the back. (j-p)
Sew the belly to the body. (k-l-u-t-m-n-s-o-p-o-...-k)
Make a small hole in the felt of the neck. Sew it to the body. (i-k-j)
Turn the body inside out.
The neck

Fold the tail and sew it. Turn inside out.
Body ant tail

Set and stuff

Insert the projection of the joint of the head into the felt of the body.
Set the washer and stopper of the joint on the inside of the body.

Stuff fiberfill in the body and feet.
Close the opening with ladder stitch. (v-w)


Trim hair of the legs.
Stitch the tail to the hip.

Pattern and instructions

Afterwards, I trimmed hair of the head.
Stuffed Ragdoll

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