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Ragdoll Kitten Head Making

When you set the joint, read the manual of it.
Stuffed Ragdoll


Cut the materials with 0.5cm seam allowance.
The ear needs no allowance.
Cut the hair of the cheek and nose.
I used the plastic joint.
I used fabric which has brown patterns on a yellow ground.


Sew the cheek to the head side. (b-c)
b-c of the cheek is longer a little than b-c of the head.
You have to shrink and sew.
Stitch the cheek

Sew the nose to the head. (h-h)
Sew the head to the head side. (b-h-g)
Sew the cheek to the nose. (b-a-b)
Sew the chin to the head side. (f-e-c-d-c-e-f)
Sewed the head


Turn inside out. Stuff fiberfill in the head.
Sew the opening around. Put the disk of joint in it, then pull the thread.
Stuff the headSet the disk


Paint around the nose with a felt-tip pen.
Embroider the nose and mouth.
Attach the eyes.
Paint the faceEyes

Glue the inside ear to the fur fabric.
Cut out the fur. Trim the air of fur.
You may sew the ears. (Refer to Bicolor cat.)
Stitch the ear to the head.
Make earsStitch the ear

Stitch whiskers on the cheeks.
Stitch the whiskers

Head completed.
Head finished

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