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Leopard head making

It may be better to handsew (small back stitch).
Leopard stuffed

Sew the head

Cut every part. Seam allowance is 0.5 centimeters.
But the nose doesn't need allowance.
Head parts

Sew the nose to the muzzle.
Sew the chin to the throat (I-L-I).
NoseJaw and throat

Sew the cheek to the head (A-I).
A'-I' is longer than A-I a little. Shrink the longer side.

Sew the ears and turn inside out.

Sew K-J.
Sew the muzzle to the head (F-E-D-C-B-A-K-A --- F).
When sewing E-D, sew the ear together.
Sew the head Outside of head

Sew the chin and throat to the head (G-H-I-J-I-G).
Turn inside out.
Sew the chin

Stitch the nose and mouth with a thick thread.
You may omit the mouth.
Stitch the noseStitch the mouthMouthClose-up photo of the nose and mouth.


Stitch the whiskers.
Attach the eyes.
Attach an eye
This eye has a washer. If you use button eyes, attach them after stuffing.

If you think ready-made eyes are overcute, try the following.

  1. Cut out leather (or felt) in almond form.
  2. Make a small hole.
  3. Stitch a small button eye to the face through the hole of leather.
  4. Glue the leather on the face.
  5. You may paint transparent varnish on the eyes.

Leather eyesBlack leopard's eye

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