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Leopard body / sew and stuff

You may omit the skeleton because it is hard to stuff around wires.

Sew the body

Cut every part with seam allowance (0.5 centimeters).
Leopard body parts

Sew the inside legs to the belly.
Sew the dart (X-Y).
Belly and inside legs

Sew the darts of the body (T-S).
Sew the belly to the body (G-W-V'), (V-U-S-R'), (R-Q-P).
Unsew the toe (V-V'), (R-R').
Then sew the toe (R''-R''), (V''-V'').

Sew the back (N-O). Unsew O-P.
M-N is the opening.
Sew the head to the body (M-F-G-F-M).
Body sewedHead to body

Sew the tail and turn inside out.
Turn the body inside out.
Sew the tail to the hip with ladder stitch (P'-O'-P').
TailAttach tail
Whole body


Frame skeleton of wires.
I use 0.25 centimeter aluminum wire for the body and 0.16cm for the tail.
Wire armature

Put small polyester fiberfill in the toes and nose.
Then put the skeleton in the body.
Stuff polyester fiberfill.
You may stitch the toe.
Stitch toe

Close the opening with ladder stitch.
StuffLadder stitch


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