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Panda pouch sewing

How to make giant panda pouch.
Panda pouch

Sew the head

Put some glue or "stop fraying" on the edge of the eye patch.
Sew the patch on the face.
PatchSew patch

Sew the ear. Turn inside out.
Sew the dart of the head with the ear.

Sew the body

Sew the head, foreleg, body and hind leg (E-F, M-N, R-Q).
Side body

Sew the right and left of the body (A-H-G, O-P, B-C).
If you don't insert the nose, sew also A to B.
Sew a fastener to the back (G-O).
Sew bodyFastener

Sew the throat and legs to the belly (E-E, M-M, R-Q).
Sew the body and the belly (C-D-E-L-M-R-Q-P-Q ----- C ).

Turn inside out.
Sew the tail and turn inside out. Sew it to the hip with ladder stitch.

Panda smiles

Pattern and finish

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