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Rabbit body making

If you put pellets (plastic or stainless steel) in the legs, it will sit stably.
Rabbit plush

Sew and stuff

Sew the darts of the hind legs (L-M).
Sew the back (I-J).
Sew the tail to the hip (K-J-K).
Sew dartSew the tail

Sew the belly to the side body (F-D-L-K-P).
Sew the belly

Sew the back (G-H)
Don't sew H-I (the opening) nor F-G (joint).
Turn inside out.
Attach the head to the neck with the joint.
Stuff polyester fiberfill in the body.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.
JointSew the opening

If you don't use any joint

Sew the neck with a strong thread. Use ladder stitches.
Head and bodySew the neck


Pattern and instructions

Lop-eared rabbit (used the big ear).
Lop ear rabbit

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