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Baby angel

Little baby in white dress. 16 centimeters.





Simple body and square dress.
So easier than crawling baby.

Sew the parts and cut out.
Stuff them with fiberfill.
When you put a wire in the arms, refer to Mermaid baby.
Head and bodyWire in the armsStuffed

Sew 2 beads on the face.
Patch a bit of felt on the thread of the head.
Glue the hair of yarn.
Stitch beadsPatchedPut hair


Clothes and wings

Cut white cloth in 2 squares. (10cm x 10cm)
Sew the shoulders and the sides.
Trim and scallop the hem.
Fold the seam allowance and stitch.
Cloth for dressGathered neck

Put it on the body and gather the neckline.
Stitch the head to the body.
Put onAttach head

Stitch the wings on the back. I used the big wings.
Wings back

Make a ring and put it on the head.

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