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Mini Santa Claus of felt

Tiny Santa Claus on the sleigh with 2 reindeer.

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Santa reindeer sleigh 
Santa is 6 cm, reindeer is 8 cm. 1 cm is 0.4 inches.

Materials and patterns

Felt, polyester fiberfill, cord.

Print pattern on A4 paper.

Santa making

Cut felt without seam allowance.
Material of Santa

Sew up 2 pieces of the head from outside.
Stuff polyester fiberfill.
Sew the head

Sew the body.
Sew the bodyBody made

Put the head to the body.
Head to body

Sew the cap and stitch it on the head.
Paint the eyes with a felt-tip pen. You may sew beads.
Glue the collar and belt.
Cap and belt

Glue the beard and other ornaments.
Mini Santa

Reindeer making

Refer to Dachshund for sewing.

Cut the material.
Material of reindeer

Sew the belly to the body.
Don't sew the bottom of the legs.
Sew the belly

Glue the antler to the crown.
If you think the antler is too soft, put some glue on the section.
Sew the crown to the head.
Attach the antlers

Stuff polyester fiberfill in it.
Put fiberfill in

Glue the sole (hoof). You may sew it.
Glue the sole

Paint eyes.
Glue the ears.

Sleigh making

Cut the parts of sleigh.
Sleigh cutting

Fold the bottom (3.5 × 21) at half, and glue it.
Warp it. Iron it to be hard.
Sew the side to the bottom.

Fold the ski plate and glue it.
Warp it with ironing.
Roll the square part and glue or sew it.

Glue the rolls to the bottom.
Glue the rolls to the ski.
Sleigh of felt

Bag making

Sew up 2 parts of the bag 3 millimeter inside.
Sew the bag
Turn inside out.
Put fiberfill, and close the opening.

Santa with reindeer


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