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Mini Santa / Sleigh and bag

Sleigh and bag of felt for mini Santa.
Santa with reindeerAds.

Sleigh making

Cut the parts of sleigh.
Sleigh cutting

Fold the bottom (3.5cm × 21cm) at half, and glue it.
Warp it. Iron it to be hard.
Sew the side to the bottom.

Fold the ski plate and glue it.
Warp it with ironing.
Roll the square part and glue or sew it.
Glue the rolls to the bottom.
Glue the rolls to the ski.
PartsSleigh of felt


Bag making

Sew up 2 parts of the bag 0.3cm inside.
Turn inside out.
Put fiberfill, and close the opening.
Sew bagSanta bag

Mini Santa tutorial


Santa reindeer sleigh

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