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Santa Claus doll / Clothes

If you want to make the clothes washable, don't use glue.
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Cut cloth. It needs seam allowance of 0.5cm.

Sew shoulders.
Sew sleeves to bodice.
Sew sleeves and side of bodice.

Fold seam allowance outside, and stitch it.
Only the center of the right bodice is folded inside.
Sew snaps to close the front.
Cut furry cloth in some strips.
Attach furry cloth tape to the neckline and hem with glue.


Cut cloth.

Sew the leg line. Sew up the upper.
Fold the waist and stitch it. The hem too.
Pass through an elastic tape in the waist.
Attach furry tape to the end of cuffs.


Cut cloth. Sew it to be a cone.
Trim with furry tape.
Cap clothSew and trim

Make a pompom.
Stitch around a circle of fur fabric.
Then pull the thread.
Make pompomPompom

Stitch it to the top of the cap.
Attach the pompom



Make a belt.
Attach a small buckle to a strip of artificial leather.

Fasten the belt around the waist.
Santa doll

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