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Bicolor cat / sewing 1

Sewing of the head is complex. It may be better to handsew.
Stuffed cat


Cut the materials with 0.5cm seam allowance.
But the pads of felt don't need allowance.
Parts of cat

Sewing 1

Sew the big spot of the hip to the body. (f-i)
Sew spot

Sew the muzzle to the crown. (a-a'-a)
Sew the crown to the head. (a-b-c) Do another side too.
Sew muzzleSew head

Sew the head to the body. (r-c-d)
Sew neck

Sew up the front of the cheeks. (u-v)
Sew the muzzle to the head. (a-s)
Sew the cheeks to the muzzle. (s-t-u-t-s)
Sew cheekSew cheeks

Sew the inside legs to the belly. (q-n, m-j)
Sew legs

Sew the belly to the cheek and forebody. (p-q-r-s-w-v-w-s-r-q-p)
Sew frontClose up

Sew the belly to the body. (o-n-m-l and k-j-i-j-k)
Sew the back. (e-d-f-g and h-i)
Sew body

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Bicolor cat

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