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Bicolor cat / sewing 2

Pad attaching is rather difficult. You may omit.
Bicolor cat

Sewing 2

Sew the tip to the tail.
Fold the tail and sew. (h-z)
Sew tipSew tail
Turn inside out.

Stitch the pad to the sole.
Stitch pad

Put a little fiberfill between the pad and sole.
Stitch small pads in the same way.
Put fillingPad

Don't sew the pads flatly. They should be swelled.

Sew the sole to the leg. (p-o-p, l-k-l)
Sew sole

Turn the body inside out.
Stitch the tail to the hips. (h-g-h)
Attach tail

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Bicolor cat

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Bicolor cat
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