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Bicolor cat stuff and finish

If you use eyes of cat's-eye type, it will be more catlike.
Black white cat


Make a skeleton of wires.
I used 0.25cm diameter for the body and legs, 0.15cm for the tail.

Put the wire into the body. Stuff polyester fiberfill.
Close the opening by ladder stitch. (x-y)
Stitch opening

Stitch the toe with a thick thread.
Stitch pawSole

Embroider the nose and the mouth.
Attach the eyes. Stitch whiskers of guts.
Face front

Sew the ears.
Turn inside out and close the opening by ladder stitch.
Stitch the ears to the head with ladder stitch.
Sew earsEars

Pattern and instructions


After you mastered this cat, you'll be able to make various cats.

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Bicolor cat

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