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About materials

Sometimes you ask me what materials I use or where I buy them.
I walk to the near shop and buy cloth, fabric, hair and so on.
I don't know any online shop. Try to find by yourself.

It's not that using the same materials is making the same doll.
These are the reference for your choice.
You should try to use any materials you like.

Skin cloth

Stretch fabric is good for doll's skin.
I use fabric namd "cotton jersey".
It is almost the same as T-shirt. Thick one is good.
If you cannot get good cloth, dye white T-shirt with tea leaves.
If your fabric is not very stretchy, make the pattern larger.

The closeup of cotton jersey.
Stretch cloth

Japanese cloth (chirimen)

Chirimen is traditional Japanese heavy crape cloth for kimono.
Genuine chirimen is made of silk, it's quite expensive.
I use low price chirimen of rayon.

Chirimen of kikko patterns. Girl in red furisode.
ChirimenClose up

Chirimen of ume blossom and sakura blossom.
Ume chirimenSakura chirimen


For soft parts --- polyester fiberfill or raw cotton.
Hard parts --- cotton batting, cotton wool or absorbent cotton. You can buy one at a drug store.


Rayon hair or silk hair for dolls is hard to get recently.
Instead, We can get various wigs or hairpiece for human.

It is also available for eyelash for tall boy doll.

We can buy wigs at party goods shop or toy shop.
Silver wigGreen wig

Furry yarn (Brows and hair of Santa Claus)

It is nylon yarn. You can use mohair yarn too.
Of course it can be knitted ... White cat.
White furry yarn

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