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Mini doll making

Mini doll. 10 centimeters. You can make one easily.
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Basic mini doll




Print pattern out on A4 paper.
There are several types of patterns. You choose any type you like.
Copy patterns on the cloth.

Pin two sheets of stretch fabric between two sheets of lining cloth.
Draw outline of the head and arms.
The body is 2 sheets of cotton cloth.


If not using a sewing machine, handsew with small stitches.
Sew the head and the body around, except at the openings.
Sew all around the arms. Make a hole with a ripper on one side of each.
Turn inside out.

Cut out with 0.3cm margin. Under the thigh, notch the seam.
Turn arms, using toothpick or other turning tool.

Stuff with fiberfill lightly. Don't fill ears.
Fill the neck firmly.
Stitch the head and body openings.

Sew skirt cloth (4cm × 18cm) in a ring and stitch the hem.
Make gathers at the waistline, and stitch it to the body.
Wrap a ribbon around the waist and tie it in a bow behind.

Close the hole in each arm, and stitch it to the body.

Paint eyes and mouth, using color or pen.
Rouge the cheeks.
Face and hair

Stitch the head to the neck.
To put the head

Tie the center of the wool yarn. Glue it on head.

Cut a 10cm diameter circle of fabric. This is a cap.
Put a little glue on the edge (to prevent fraying).
Gather at 2cm inside of the edge.
Place it on doll's head and tack lightly to head.
Tie ribbon around the gathers.

Stitch a string on the top of the head.
Instead, attach a safety pin or pin backing to the back of the doll.

Just complete.
Cap on

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