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Mini doll gallery

Every doll has every look.
About 10 centimeters. How to make mini doll.
2 boys and a girl

Angel and astroll and blacky

Simple faces

Simple faces

Mini gallery

Super model and PunketteWhite and black fairiesRobert The CureSteve FinnanGakuranNekomimi ChristmasTorajaTarzan

Honey and boyfriends

Honey is a mascot character of Hanty.
Honey and YutteHoney in ChristmasHoney in kimonoHoney in bikini

Honey likes sport

AthleticSkiWhere is my prince of tennis?

Anime character dolls

Inu YashaRinYouko KuramaHeero Yuy and Duo Maxwell

DiGi Charat and
Dejiko princess and HikaruHikaru no Go

Rurouni Kenshin and
Rurouni and Vampire hunterVampire hunter D


Mini mermaid
Japanesque mermaid
 Gothic LolitaMini goth-loli dolls

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