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Stuffed pig making

If you enlarge the pattern and make a big pig, it may be a cushion.
Pig of felt


Draw the patterns on cloth.
Cut out them with seam allowance (about 0.5cm).

Sew and stuff

Sew the tail and trim the seam allowance 0.2cm.
Then turn inside out.
Sew the tail
When you feel it's difficult, stitch it outside (no allowance).

Sew the dart of the groin. Refer to terry cat sewing.
Sew up the body and belly.
When sewing the back to hip, put the tail inside.
Don't sew one side for stuffing.
Sew the body

Sew the nose to the face.
Sew the nose

Turn inside out.
Body outside

Stuff polyester fiberfill in it.
Close the opening with ladder stitch.
Stuff and stitch


Embroider the nose and eyes (with beads).
You may embroider eyes.
Stitch nose and eyeOrder of needle

Sew the ears and turn inside out.
Fold the ear.

Stitch it on the head with ladder stitch. Refer to bicolor cat's ear.
Stitch the toe with a thread.
Stitch the toe

Knot or wind the tail.
Hips and tails

Material and pattern

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Three pigs

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