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Polar bear / Cut and sew

This bear's pattern is simple. Sewing is not difficult.
Polar bear stuffed


Cut every part with 0.5cm seam allowance.
Parts of polar bear

Trim the hair of ears and face.
You may trim the hair after stuffing. I do both.


Sew the darts of the head and the toes (Q-R, N-O and J-K).

Sew the inside legs to the belly (P-M and L-I).

Sew the crown to the head (C-B-A-B-C).

Fold the tail and sew (G-T). Turn inside out.

Sew the back (C-D and E-F-G-H).
When sewing F-G, insert the tail and sew together.
Don't sew D-E. It is the opening.
Sew the belly to the body (H-I-J-L-M-N-P-Q-S-Q-P-N-M-L-J-I-H).
Body sewed

Paint the muzzle with a felt-tip pen.
Dye muzzle

Turn the body inside out.
Polar bear body

Pattern and instructions

Stuffed polar bear

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