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Clothes for Slim Santa

All clothes can be taken off.
Santa ClausAds.

I used navy blue clothand white fur. Also brown cloth and ermine fur are good.



Draw the patterns on woolen cloth and cut them out with 0.5cm margin.
But no margin to the hem which is trimmed with furry tape.

Coat and cape

Sew up the shoulders of the coat.
Sew the sleeves to the bodice.
Sew the sides.
Trim the neckline to the hem and the cuffs with furry tapes.
At the corner, gather up the tape.
Attach hook and eye to the front.
Sew up the top of the hood.
Sew up the sides of the cape.
Sew the hood to the cape.Trim with furry tape.
Stitch ribbons.


Sew up the insteps of the boot at the front.
Sew the toe to the instep.
Sew up the back.
Gather up the margin of the toe with small stitches.
Glue the instep to the paper insole.
Glue the sole to the insole.
Glue a furry tape to the hem.
Also Refer to Tall boy's shoes.


Same as Santa in red.
No trimming.


Coat and pantsCape and boots
Coat, cape and boots

Pattern and sewing

Coat off

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