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Di Gi Charat

Mini doll of Di Gi Charat. 10 centimeters.
Di Gi Charat doll


Almost the same as Mini doll. This is rather small.
Sew and stuff



Gather up the skirt and petticoat.
Sew the bodice.
Put the sleeve on the arm and sew a ribbon.
Put panties with the same way as sleeve.
Sew the gloves and boots and put on.
Clothes parts

Sew the skirt at the waist. Put on the bodice.
Attach the arms.
Gather the pinafore of lace.
Put on

Put on pinafore. Tie a ribbon.



Paint eyes and mouth with acrylic.
Hair is green yarn.
Hair and face


Attach the head to the body.
Glue the hair on the head, and trim it.
Cut the cat cap. Glue the eyes and inside ears on the cap.
Cat ear cap

Sew the cap to the head.
Attach bells to the cap. Attach the tail.

Attach ribbons and a bell.

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