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Vampire Hunter D clothes

The outfit for D. Felt hat, polyester cloak and paper sword.
Vampire Hunter D


Cut felt cloth. 2 pieces of crown and a brim.
Cutting of hat

Sew up the crown. Sew the brim of the back.
Sew the hat

Sew the brim to crown.
Attach an ornament. This is a button.
Hat finished

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Cut out a half circle from thin cloth. This is a cloak.

Put on the cloak and hat.
Pin the cloak with beads or rhinestones.
Put cloak and hat on


Cut out form of a long sword of silvery paper.
Cut out 2 pieces of thick paper as the sheath.
Sword and sheath

Wind the hilt with a cord.
Put the blade between the sheath.
Wrap the sheath with adhesive tapes.
Sword and sheath


Cut a circle of felt.
Make a small hole at the center.
Pass a thick thread through the hole.
Coagulate the thread with a little glue.
Make two.

Attach the pauldrons to the shoulders.
Attach the sheath to the holder.

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