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Rurouni Kenshin clothes

Kimono, hakama, zori, katana, and hair for Kenshin mini doll.
Mini doll of Kenshin

Zori (sandals)

Glue a cord to the instep.
Cut an oval from felt.
Glue it to the sole.
Do another foot too.


Cut cotton cloth.
Cutting of kimono

Cut a strip of cloth and fold it in 3. It's a collar.
Fold the kimono at the shoulder. Sew the sides to sleeves.
Glue the cuffs inside.
Sewing of kimono

Turn inside out.
Kimono turned

Put it on.
Stitch the collar to the neckline.
Stitch the collar

Hakama (pants)

Cut 2 pieces of cloth and sew at sides and middle.
Sew hakama

Fold and glue the seam allowance of sides and hem of bottom.
Turn inside out. Wide pants which have twice the size of waist.

Make tucks.

Put hakama on and stitch at the waist.
Put hakama on

Cut a strip of the same cloth. This is a band of hakama.
Wind it around the waist and tie it in a bow.


Cut cloth. From the left --- crest, side, tail.

Roll the tail and tie it with a ribbon.

Attach the tail to the nape of the neck.
Glue the side hair to the head. Glue the crest on the top.


Cut out katana of silvery paper. The blade is curved.
Cut a small oval. Make a gap in the center. It's a guard.
Cut out 2 pieces of thick paper. These are sheath.
Katana parts

Put some glue on the hilt and wind it with a cord.
Pass the blade through the guard.
Put the blade between the sheath. Wrap the sheath with paper tape.

Insert the katana between hakama and the band.
Himura Kenshin back

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