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You can choose iron print features.

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Draft with the pencil

  1. Choose pattern of eye and pin it on the face.
  2. Trace outline with a pencil.
  3. Draw a line at the mouth, too.

Placing featuresDraw with pencil


  1. Paint eyes with acrylic color.
  2. Draw mouth line.

Eye painting

If hanging the bunch of wool from the sum to both cheeks, you get the impression of the finish.

With wool yarn

Put a look

Painting the faceRouge and shadow

Variations of faces

Stitch the skin cloth at neck and crown

The case of using iron-on

Put iron paper

Print eyes pattern to the iron transfer paper (A4).

  1. You should read manual of printer and paper.
  2. I recommend you to edit its size and the color as you like.
  3. It is better test-printing on ordinary paper.
  4. Cut out a device you like. Make a margin little as far as possible. But when no margin, ink may blur around.
  5. Place it on the face in the turning-over and fix it with pins.
  6. Transfer with the iron.
  7. The look will be better when painting whites of eyes.
  8. Rouge the cheeks.

TransferredPainting whites and rouge


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