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Basic doll / Legs

Stuff with polyester fiberfill solidly and smooth.

Sew the base of feet

Draw the pattern to the double cloth.
Sew both sides (A-a-B and C-D).
Don't sew the knee (A-C) nor toe (B-D).
Place to sew

Cut out with 0.5 centimeter margin.
Notch on the margin of the ankles.

Spread the margin of the toe and fit on seams.
Draw the line of toe.
Distinguish the right and the left.
Sew the toe and cut off extra margin.
Turn inside out.
Cut the toeOutside


Stuff with polyester fiberfill.
Stitch the opening of the knee with a thick thread.
Stuff legsClose

Stuffed legs.


Stitch leg to thigh at the sides with a thick thread.
Stitch legAttached
Body and legs



Fold the stretch fabric, and draw the pattern of leg cover.
Sew the back line. It doesn't contain the margin.
Cut 0.5cm outside of the seam.
Turn inside out.
Sew coverOutside

Cover the base of leg.
Put covers

Stitch the hem to base.

Plus knee

She has dented knees although Tall boy's are roundish.
If you like small effort, attach simple knees.

Wrap a ball of cotton batting with stretch fabric, and stitch.
Make knees

Make it a ring.

Put it on the knee, and stitch at the back.
Stitch knee

At the front, stitch only upper side.
FrontFront sew

SittingLegs unbend

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