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Stuffed mini snowman. 8cm tall.
Attach tiny ones to a Christmas tree.
If you make big one, it can be a cushion.
Stuffed snowman

Japanese snowman doesn't have legs nor arms. It is called "daruma".


Draw 2 circles. Each center is on another circumference.
The overlapped leaf form is a piece of a ball.
Pattern of snowman



Cut out 4 pieces.
Parts of globe

Sew up the 3 edges.
Turn inside out.
Stuff fiberfill in it and stitch the opening.

Make 2 (one is smaller a little).
Then sew up them.
Cut out eyes and buttons.
Glue the eyes and buttons.
Sew the cap.

Stitch the cap on the head.
Wind a ribbon around the neck.
Snowman Japanesque


If you would like to make Olaf, refer to Snow girl
Snowman and snowgirl

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