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Inuyasha costume

These clothes are arranged by my imagination.


Refer to kimono making of kimono doll.
Inuyasha's kimono is easier than the furisode of kimono doll.

Cutting of kimono.
White kimono cutting

Inside of kimono.
Kimono inside


Jacket (Suikan)

This is a short kimono.
The sleeves are bigger than kimono's.
Both sides of bodice are unseamed.

Suikan cutting

The sleeves are stitched to the bodice only at the back.
The cuff has 5cm margin.
Half sewed

Sew a stand-up collar.
Stitch strings to the cuffs.
Stitch the cuff

Atach 2 strings to the collar.
One is at the back of the neck, another the end of the left.


Hakama is wide pants.


Sew the rise.
Sew the rise

Sew the side. But upper slits are unseamed.
Fold the slit of back inside. Fold the front slit outside.
Fold the slits

Then whip the line.

Take tucks. The front has 4 tucks and the rear 2 tucks.
Front tuckBack tucks

Stitch the waistbands.
Fold the hem and stitch. Pass through a string in the hem.
Hakama complete

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