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Furisode kimono

This is rather simple kimono. If you feel difficulty, omit the lining.
Girl doll in kimono


Cut the parts of kimono. The seam allowance is about 0.5cm.
The collar is about 5cm × 45cm (include allowance).
Sleeves and bottom are lined with thin cloth.
The length of the lining of bottom is about 35cm.
Parts of kimono

When you omit linings, the margin must be wider. Refere to Juban.


Sew up the middle of the back. (a-b)
Sew up the front and the back at the sides. (e-f)

Sew the lining to the bodice.(n-m-f-b--)

Put a strip of cotton batting on the seam allowance of the hem.
Then the hem swelled. This is called fuki which is a sort of decoration. You can omit it.
Sew bodice

Turn inside out. Stitch the hem roughly to fix the fuki.
Swelled hemBodice


Sew the collar to neckline (n-a-n).
Fold the collar and stitch the hem.
The width of collar is 2cm.

Slip-stitch the lining to the bodice.
Stitch lining


Sew sleeves (g-h). Do linings too.

Handsew the sleeve and the lining at the cuff.
Make small fuki with cotton batting.
SewedClose-up of fuki

Sew sleeves to bodice (d-c-d).
Don't sew d-e. This opening is called miyatsukuchi.

Fold seam allowance inside and slip-stitch it.
Stitch the lining to the sleeve at d-h.
Attach sleeve


Furisode kimono

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