Cloth Doll Making

I show you my knowledge and technique about doll making.
You will learn by yourself how to make a doll.
You can get printable patterns of most dolls.
A hundred pictures help you to understand the process.
Tutorial and instructions are written by Runo dollmaker.    

How to make Runo dolls.

Busty girl doll1/2 girl doll in underwear.
30 inches.

Enlarge the pattern,
and make life size girl doll.

Life size baby dollBaby doll
24 inches.
Life-sized baby doll in ready-made clothes.

Also visit Life size kid gallery.

Japanese doll in kimonoKimono doll
19 inches.
Beautiful kimono and various accessories.

Kimono doll is not very difficult.
Patience required.

Soft big girl dollBig girl

31 inches.
Iron print face.
Clothes can be taken off.
Rather difficult.

Tall boy dollTall boy
31 inches.
Long lashes and long legs.

MascotMini doll
4 inches.
You can make

Hanging pierrotClown pouch
28 inches.
Clothes are washable.
Rather easy.

Nekomimi dollNekomimi doll

See also Nekomimi doll gallery.
cute dolls with cat ears and tails.

Small dollFashion doll
Hand-sewed felt doll.
6 inches.

Simple felt dollLittle Red Riding Hood
11 inches.

Anime Dolls (Only instruction)

Inuyasha dollInuyasha
16 inches.

Rurouni Kenshin
Vampire Hunter D
Hikaru no Go

DejikoDiGi Charat
4 inches.

Anime character doll gallery

Christmas dolls

Mini mini SantaMini Santa with reindeer
Felt doll. 2.5 inches.

Santa Claus dollSanta Claus in red clothes.
12 inches.
He can stand with big legs.
Fairly easy.

Slim Santa ClausSlim Santa
18 inches.
Real old man face.
The reference for veterans.

Baby angelAngel baby
Felt dolls. 6 inches.

Angel cat


Stuffed toys

Stuffed bicolor catBicolor cat

Stuffed ragdollRagdoll kitten

Towel catTerry cat
Easy making.
Kitty of towel.

Mini cat of felt.

Stuffed dogMiniature Dachshund
life sized.

White dogJapanese dog
22 cm.

Mini dog Jack Russell terrier.

Pig stuffedPink pig of felt.

Fennec foxFennec


Polar bearPolar bear

Mother and cubs.

Panda pouch.
Zebra mini size.

Gallery of various critters
--- dog, cat, horse, monkey, bat, and snake...


Mermaid Fantasy (mermaids and mermen)

Mermaid doll gallery, mini mermaid, mini creatures, mermaid costume, and mermaid tale.

How to make mermaid and lover mermanMermaid and merman
Each 34 inches.
Not so difficult.
The merman is easier.



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