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Nekomimi doll / Body and limbs

Stuff the body solidly, arms soft, and legs are middle.
Nekomimi doll

Body and limbs

Sew the trunk and arms of stretch cloth lined with thin cloth.
Cut out them with margin.
I used cotton lawn for lining of arms, broad cloth for body and legs.
Turn inside out.
Stuff polyester fiberfill in them.
Sew and cutStuffed

Make the legs similarly.
Refer to basic doll's leg when you sew the toe.
Sew legsToe sewing


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Insert the neck in the body, then stitch with a thick thread.
Attach the head

Stitch the leg to the body. Refer to Baby doll.
Attach the legs

Stitch the arms to the shoulders.

Make the tail with furry cloth.
Put a wire in it if you like.
Stitch it to the hip.
Sew the tailShippo

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