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Santa Claus doll / Body

Make legs stout to let him stand.
Santa Claus in red


Draw outline on felt.
Sew up 2 sheets of felt.
Cut out with 0.5cm margin.
Turn inside out.
Sew and cutTurn out


Stuff with polyester fiberfill into the head.
Stitch the opening of the head with thick thread.
Head stuffed

Make the nose. Sew the outline of nose.
Put a little polyester fiberfill in it and pull the thread.

Stitch the nose onto the face.
Stitch the nose

Paint eyes and mouth with acrylic.
Rouge the cheeks and nose.
Stitch brows with furry yarn 2 or 3 times.

» Materials of brows and hair.

If you don't like painting, glue the eyes of leather.
Attached eyes


Glue cotton batting around the core stick.
Insert it into the neck and stuff fiberfill into the body.
Stitch the body opening (bottom).
Body and neckStuffed

Make a hole in the back of the head and insert the stick.
Stitch felt of the neck to the head.
Head and body

Legs = boots

Sew artificial leather and cut out.
Cut paper and leather as soles.
If paper is thin, he cannot stand.
Attach allowance of bottom to paper sole with glue.

Attach leather sole to paper sole.
Stuff with polyester fiberfill solidly.
Stitch legs to body.
Put legs


Stuff polyester fiberfill into arms softly.

Stitch the opening.
Stitch arm to the shoulder.
Put arms

Hair and beard

Cut furry cloth as beard.
Cut bunch of furry yarn and tie its center tightly.
Beard and hair

Glue the beard on the face.
Spread hair on the head and glue it.
Body finishedSanta Claus in boots.

Pattern and sewing

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