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Old man's face

Making of the head is almost the same as Tall boy doll.
Using glue is important to shape the face.
Santa Claus doll


Sew the head. Make the core of the neck.
I used thick wire as bone of the neck.
Stuff polyester fiberfill in the head.
Base of faceStuffed

Attach soft cotton batting on the brow and cheeks for supplement.
Attach pills of cotton batting on the nosewings with glue.
Attach the lips.

Wrap the base with underskin cloth.
Put a little glue on the top of awl and press around the nose by it.
Then glue soaks into underskin to adhere to the base.
Stitch cheeks by a thick thread.

Attach a few short threads to the forehead.
Sew underskin to the top of the head.
Base of face


Put glue around the nose and cheek underline on the underskin.
Wrap with overskin.Make hollows of eyes and lips.

If you want, make lower eyelids slack with glue.
Put a little glue on the nasal cavities, then press with a thin stick.
CoveringNose holes


Paint eyes and lips.
Put glue on underskin, then make crow's-foot.
Glue forehead's skin to the short threads.


Sew skin to the top of the head.
Rouge on the cheeks and nose.
Glue some yarn on the brows.
Attach the mustache of wavy threads.
Brows and mustache
And atacch the beard and hair.

Refer to material of brows.

Afterwards, I painted the brows black, and made him of a wizard Saruman.

Pattern and sewing

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