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Boy doll / Arms

The arm bends at the wrist and elbow. Making fingers is rather difficult.


Sew 2 sheets of cloth at the lines of A and B.
Cut with 0.5cm margin.
Sew line
Arm and hand

Stitch and tie the top of the wrist (C). Turn inside out.
Tie top and turn


Put a little fiberfill into the wrist. Sew and tie on (D).
Stuff the forearm with fiberfill. It is rather softly than legs.

Make the elbow joint. It is the same way as Making the knee.
Stuff the rest. Joint the elbow as knee.


Draw patterns and sew 2 sheets of broadcloth by small stitch.
Seam allowance is 0.5cm. But around the fingers, it takes 0.2cm.
Turn inside out using a thin stick. Refer to finger of kimono doll.
Hand, finger and coreTurn outside


Put a little glue around a wire and wrap with some cotton batting.
This is the core of a finger.
The length is longer than finger, shorter than hand.
Only thumb is just length.
Core of a fingerFingers

Insert cores into fingers. Stuff fiberfill into the palm softly.
It is not necessary to stuff into the back of hand.
Stuff fiberfill into the lower part of thumb.
Pierce the wire of the thumb to the palm.
How to stuffJust stuffed

Bend the end of the wire to prevent wound.
Stitch the thumb to the palm.
It is not necessary to do precise. After covering, it is out of sight.
Close the opening.
Stitch the thumb


Connect the hand and the wrist with a thick thread tightly.
Joint the edge of the palm and end of the forearm through the wrist.
The same way of the knee.


Fold stretch fabric and sew arm skin.
Be small stitch at the fingers.
Make margin of finger as little as possible.
Sew the skinTurn

Put it on the base just as a tight fitting glove.
How to wrapPut the skin on

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