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Boy doll / Composition

Use strong and thick thread to attach the parts of body firmly.


Stitch the top of the hip to the bottom of body tightly.
Sew hip to bodyStitched

Joint the leg to front of the bottom through the hip.
Joint the hip

Pull the thread firmly. The same way of the knee.
Pull the thread

Let the body sit and see a balance.
Balance 2 hips


Insert the neck into the body.
Stitch the neck to the body with big stitches and 2 or 3 times.
Stitch the neck

Spread the breast skin on the breast and pin up.
Spread the breast skinSpread more

If the cloth has an excess, scissor off.
Stitch the hem of the breast skin.
Cut the excessWith big stitches

It is difficult to spread breast skin evenly.
You must do it slowly, little by little.
If there is crinkle yet, cut the hem of breast cloth about 2cm, then spread again.

Body shirt

Put the body shirt on. If the neckline overlaps, cut away the surplus.
Fold the hem inside, and stitch it to the base of the body.
Stitch the necklineBack

It is not necessary to stitch the hem of the bottom.


Sew the opening of the arm obliquely.
Pull the thread.
Sew obliqueTie and close

Stitch it to the shoulder firmly.

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