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Boy doll / Socks and shoes

This is leather shoe. You may use imitation leather or thick cloth.


Make of human's socks.
Cut a sock. Make round at a toe.
Size may be rough, because the material is stretched.
Cut a sock

Hem zigzag stitch, and turn inside out.
Stitch and turn


Materials of shoes


It needs 0.5cm allowance where attach to the insole.
Punch eyelets.
Cut out thick paper.


Make gathers in the allowance of toe with small stitch.
Attach the instep leather to the insole with adhesive.
GatherAttach the instep

Attach the side leather to the insole.
It overlaps on the instep a little.
Glue the filler of leather to flatten the sole.
Attach the side

Attach the sole with adhesive.
Tie shoestrings.

Put on


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