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Boy doll / Legs

The leg contains hip. The knees are bent.
Boy doll


Sew up 2 sheets of cloth at lines of A and B.
Seam allowance is 0.5cm.
PatternSew and cut

Sew the line of toes.
Cut with 0.2 - 0.3cm allowance.

Turn inside out.


Wind some cotton batting around a thin stick and coat the cotton with a little glue.
This is the core of the toe.
Put it into the toe, and pull out the stick.
Fill a tiptoe with 5 cores.
Stuff the foot and shank with polyester fiberfill.
Core of toeHow to stuff

Knee and lap

Stitch around underline of the knee (C) with a thick thread.
Then pull the thread and tie firmly.
Stuff into the feet

Stuff the knee with fiberfill. It's softer than legs.
Stitch around upper the knee (D), and tie it.
Stuff the thigh with fiberfill solidly.
Stitch around under the hip (E), and tie it.
Stuff the hip, not so firm.
Sew and tighten the opening (F).

Toe and ankle

Stitch the tiptoe with a thick thread to make grooves between each toe.
Among big toe and second toePull the threadFinished

Make dimples at the ankle with thick thread.
Needle ankle to ankle

Attach a pill of cotton batting on the dimple.
Rolled cottonAnkles


Joint thigh and calf through the knee with double thick thread.
Joint the knee

Stitch 3 times (but not the same point), and pull the thread.
Stitch and pull the thread

Then the knee is bent.
ConnectedBase of a leg


Fold stretch fabric.
Cut and sew. The pattern contains seam allowance.
Turn inside out.
Put it on the base of leg just like a stocking.
Stitch the hem of the skin to base.
Cover clothWrapping

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