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Boy doll / Head

The important point is to make the chin hard.

Sew the base

Cut cloth with 0.5cm margin.
Head parts

Sew up the back (A-H-I and D-F-G). Sew up the front (A-B-C-D).
Shorten the margin of nose (B-C) 0.3cm.
Make notches at under the nose (C) and chin (F).

Sew up A-E-D-E-A around.
Turn inside out.
Sew aroundJust turned


Put glue on a wire of 10cm-length and wrap it with cotton batting.
Core of the nose

Bend it. This is the bone of nose.
Put the bone into the nose.
Stitch the edge of cotton with a thick tread.
Set intoStitch the coreJust stitched


Stuff the head with polyester fiberfill.
Don't stuff in the nose and the neck.
How to stuffStuffed


Cut cotton flannel cloth 10cm length. The width is 150cm or more.
Put a little glue on the cloth, and wrap around a bamboo stick.
This is the core of the neck. It has about 4cm diameter.
Cut out the surplus of the stick.

Insert the core into the neck. Stitch the hem roughly.
this is head base


Roll a little cotton batting and twine the both edges.
Cut off both sides.
Making a lip

Make another. Stick the lips with glue.
Glue the lipsProfile

Glue a strip of cotton batting on the seam of the face line to conceal the crinkle.
Glue cotton on the chin

Face skin

Sew each skin. The under skin is white. Another is skin color.
The pattern contains allowance.
Skin cloth


Wrap the head with under skin. The skin must fit the base.
Under skin

Make tucks the top of the skin and pin up.
Stitch the top and lower of the neck with thick thread.
Set pinsStitch

Wrap with the skin and pin up.
Wrap the skin

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